Paul is a Visual Effects Art Director, concept artist and matte painter, working in Unreal Engine 5.2 to provide visual effects concepts and solutions, bridging between pre-production art department and post-production. 

Paul has over 23 years experience creating visual effects for film, TV and TV commercials. He has worked in the UK, US and New Zealand as a matte painter, texture painter and concept artist on projects ranging from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy to Sin City and Captain America: Civil War, and has experience working as an on-set vfx supervisor and vfx reference photographer.

He began his career as a freelance illustrator repped by London based Folio Artists Agents, creating science fiction, fantasy and horror book and magazine covers and artwork primarily for the UK publishing and computer games industry. With a lifelong desire to work creating feature film visual effects, he returned to university to complete a Masters Degree in Computer Animation, subsequently landing his first industry job at a modeller and texture painter at Framestore on the BBC TV series Walking with Beasts and then moving to New Zealand to work at Weta Digital.

He has also worked as a guest lecturer at Bournemouth University, given talks about his work at schools and colleges, and was an industry mentor for teams competing in the UK's BFX Festival Competition, hosted by Bournemouth University's National Centre for Computer Animation.

In 2011 Paul directed the WW2 horror feature film The Devil's Rock, featuring special makeup effects makeup by 5 times Oscar winning Weta Workshop.  His short films Night of the Hell Hamsters, Eel Girl and The Naughty List have played at over 100 film festivals worldwide, and continue to be in-demand on the festival circuit.  He is currently in post-production on his fourth short film Back In Business, starring Olivier Award winning actor Matthew Kelly.

Paul is  based between Auckland, New Zealand, and Bournemouth, UK, working remotely for clients worldwide.

Untitled Sci-Fi Action Film     VFX Art Director    2024
The Book of Clarence     Matte Painter    2023  One of Us
The Buccaneers  Matte Painter2023Absolute Post
Ka Whawhai Tonu        On-set VFX Supervisor

VFX Concept Artist

2023Ohu Fx
Our Flag Means Death Season 2  Matte Painter2023Fathom Vfx
The Pope's ExorcistMatte Painter/Concept Artist2023Slate Vfx
Red, White and Brass  On-set VFX Supervisor2023Piki Films
It Lives on Lionsgate +  (tvc)
Concept Artist  
2022Absolute Post
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (tv)On-set VFX Reference Photographer 2022Weta Digital
Gorillaz - Cracker Island (music video)
Matte Painter2022Nexus
Ticket to ParadiseMatte Painter2022Finn
Virgin Australia    (tvc)Matte Painter2022  Finn
Air New Zealand - Tiaki & The Guardians Safety VideoMatte Painter2022Blockhead
Neds  - Levels    (tvc)    Matte Painter2022Finn
XMatte Painter    2022OhuFX
Pearl     Matte Painter    2022  OhuFX
Toyota LandCruiser 300 - Drives Us Home  (tvc)    Concept Artist/Matte painter    2022    Alt VFX
Kia Sportage - Meet Your Muse  (tvc)Concept artist/Matte painter        2022    Blockhead
Teemo's Adventure  (game)Matte Painter       2022    Alt VFX
Future Self (tvc)    
Concept Artist    
2021Good Oil Films
Pieces of Her  (tv)
Matte Painter
2021Alt VFX
Contact Energy - Making It Rain   (tvc)        On-set VFX Supervisor
Midnight at the Pera Palace    (tv)
Matte Painter
2021Cause + Fx
Hatch  (tvc)Matte painter     2021Wrestler
James Cameron's Masterclass        
On-set VFX Supervisor
2021880 Productions
The Calf (short)Visual Effects Supervisor2021Grifter Films
Carlton - Temple of Dry (tvc)Concept Artist2020Blockhead VFX
From Our Family to Yours - Disney animated short                Matte Painter2020    Flux Animation
A Christmas Carol (tv)Matte Painter2019Framestore
Westpac - Baker of Beruit (tvc)Matte Painter   
2019   Blockhead
Catherine The Great (tv)
Visual Effects Concept Artist
Await Further Instructions
Concept Artist
2018Shudder Films
PylonVisual Effects Supervisor
2017Zero Days Films
The Naughty List (short)Visual Effects Supervisor
Voyage of Time: Life's Journey   
Matte Painter
2016One of Us
Channel 4 Idents / Jonathan Glazer    
3D Layout Artist/Texture Painter2016One of Us
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Matte Painter
Independence Day: Resurgence
Matte Painter
Captain America: Civil War
Matte Painter
The Nice Guys    
Matte Painter
2016Lipsync Post
DetourVFX Concept Artist
2016Lipsync Post
WarwolfConcept Artist    
2015Amber Films
Olympus (tv)
Matte Painter
2015Lipsync Post
Legend            Matte Painter
Kingsman: The Secret Service    
Matte Painter
Halo: Nightfall (tv)
Matte Painter
Pride    Matte Painter
Our Robot Overlords    
Matte Painter    
2014    Nviz
Hugo    Matte Painter
2011   Pixomondo
Phones 4U / Ghost in Shop (tvc)
Compositor2011Bare Films
The Devil's Rock    
Matte Painter / Concept Artist    
2011Ohu FX
The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader       
VFX Concept Artist
Clash of the Titans
VFX Concept Artist
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
VFX Concept Artist
Dorian Gray
VFX Concept Artist
The Hessen Conspiracy
Matte Painter
2009MP UK
Disney Ident
Matte Painter
2008Weta Digital
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Texture Painter
2008Weta Digital
Travelers Insurance / Sharks (tvc)
Texture Painter
2008Weta Digital
The Water Horse    Texture Painter
2008Weta Digital
Stanley Tools / Alien Tripod Torch (tvc)
Texture Painter
2008Weta Digital
30 Days of Night
Texture Painter
2007Weta Digital
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Texture Painter
2007Weta Digital
Night at the Museum
Texture  Painter
2006Weta Digital
EragonTexture Painter/Matte Painter  
2006Weta Digital
SOCOM: US Navy SEALS Combined Assault   Cinematics Texture Painter    
Killzone: Liberation
Cinematics Texture Painter
Night of the Hell Hamsters
The Da Vinci Code    
Previs Artist
X-Men: The Last Stand    
Concept Artist
2006Weta Digital
Sin City
Matte Painter
2005The Orphanage
ConstantineMatte Painter
2005Tippett Studio
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King    
Lead Texture Painter
2003Weta Digital
The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers
Texture Painter/Matte Painter
2002Weta Digital
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Texture Painter
2001Weta Digital
The Ballad of Big Al (tv)
Modeller/Texture Painter