The Naughty List is the latest featured episode in Bloody Disgusting’s World of Death anthology:

Still frame from The Naughty List short film of Santa swigging whiskey.

Ho, Ho, Ho, and Merry Xmas! Today WOD brings all you good little boys and girls a naughty little short from writer/director, Paul Campion THE NAUGHTY LIST, which is an adaptation of the short story, “The Siqquism Who Stole Christmas.”

Somewhere off in isolation is a small cabin, and in that cabin are two men, spending Christmas Eve in hiding. Being an Xmas-themed film, it’s pretty obvious who else will be making a nighttime visit.

It’s a charming short, beautifully shot in warm tones, masterfully acted with the characters all possessing lovely little quirks. Production quality is top notch with some detailed sets, one particularly nice costume, and some impressive digital effects. As for the story…?

Well, it’s difficult to discuss in a spoiler-free fashion. We’ll just say that what follows is three parts character humor, two parts situational humor, and one part of interesting (and unique) definition of how Santa views morality. Who’s “Naughty” and who’s “Nice” isn’t quite as clear-cut as one might normally think, but it does make sense from “a certain point of view.” Sadly, all good things must come to an end and by the end of this episode of WOD it will be the life of someone in this winter landscape. Until next time, don’t eat yellow snow.
– Michael M. Miller