Zinema Zombie FestThe Devil’s Rock has been selected to play at the Zinema Zombie Fest in Bogota, Columbia, Nov 13- 20th, our first South American film festival screening.

And the positive reviews are still coming in:

“I was surprised that a movie who’s entire cast is made up of four, maybe five people could be so good. The script is well done and the acting only serves to support it” – http://3smovradio.wordpress.com

“This is a slow burn, life raft sort of film. If you like story based horror, this is for you for sure. If you love war movies, too, you’ll be in heaven.” – http://horrorsho.blogspot.co.nz

“It reminded me of a bloodier, sexier version of those episodes of Doctor Who where they can’t afford to have a lot of actors in front of the camera so the ones they have are used to full effect. ” – http://wildsidecinema.com

“don’t let the DVD cover art fool you, it’s actually a taut, well-acted film that happens to involve a demon and buckets of gore.” – http://screenphiles.com

“When I started this bad boy I was NOT expecting this! I find a crappy little movie I’ve never heard of before on Netflix, the reviews give it 4 and 5 stars and I think, “Well, for a B-movie, that’s not bad, let’s give it a shot.” I didn’t realize, they don’t mean, 4 or 5 stars for a B-movie. They mean QUALITY GOODNESS.” – http://scrollsofwisdom.blogspot.co.nz

“it’s a quiet little flick that delivers on almost every level. It especially delivers on the sexy Demon front. “- http://thehorrorclub.blogspot.co.nz

And finally a very in-depth discussion about the film on a podcast from http://corpsecollective.com/ The discussion about the film doesn’t start until about 50 minutes in.