I started my career pre-computers as a traditionally trained technical illustrator and airbrush artist.   Here’s a selection of my illustration work, all pre 1999.

Illustration of a blue alien holding a mobile phone.
Airbrush & Acrylic, Bryce, Photoshop


Airbrush illustration of demonic skulls and bones, and a frankenstein creature made from two hands sewn together.
Skull F*ck  and Scary Hand
Airbrush & Acrylic on CS10 Illustration Board


Airbrush illustration of a girl reaching into a mirror with an evil version of her reflected.
Parallel Worlds – Arcane Magazine 1997
Airbrush & Acrylic on CS10 Illustration board.
The wooden frame was me trying to channel my inner Jim Burns.


Splitty! Volkswagen van illustrationSplitty!
Airbrush & acrylic on CS10 illustration board

The scroll - computer game box artThe Scroll
Computer game box art
Airbrush & acrylic on illustration board