war wolf

In 1356, a group of English knights must defend a French castle from a werewolves.

Script by best-selling author Paul Finch.

Ileen Maisel and Lawrence Elman producing.

Amber Entertainment




dark hollow







Based on the novel by World Horror Society Grand Master and Bram Stoker Award winning US horror author Brian Keene.

After two miscarriages, writer Adam Shay’s marriage is on the rocks. On a walk through local woods rumored to be haunted, Adam comes across a strange sight: a statue of a half-man, half-goat creature, a satyr from ancient legends, which comes to life before his eyes. Soon, all the women in town begin disappearing, summoned to the woods by the satyr’s hypnotic piping. When Adam gathers the menfolk to hunt down the satyr and retrieve their loved ones, what they uncover is an unholy evil bent on protecting itself and spreading its seed.






scorpion raiders

Lawrence of Arabia meets Black Hawk Down – the true story of the Barce Raid, a daring attack on an Italian airfield 2000km behind enemy lines in the deserts of North Africa in WW2, by a combined British and New Zealand special forces unit known as the Long Range Desert Group.

the LRDG preservation society

lost in libya – in search of the LRDG




voodoo dawn

A young criminal gang raid an armoured truck full of safety deposit boxes, leaving a trail of death behind them as they hole up with a hostage in their hideaway in an abandoned hi-rise building.   But they find their haul is not as lucrative as they hoped, and they have stolen a weird voodoo amulet, which belongs to a Bokor – a voodoo witchdoctor, who resurrects the bodies of those killed in the raid and sends the living corpses to punish the gang and retrieve his property.

Script by Paul Finch