Paul’s debut feature film The Devil’s Rock  was co-funded by the New Zealand Film Commission and by Paul re-mortgaging his house.  Shot in 15 days, the film features special makeup effects by Oscar winning Weta Workshop, and won Best Makeup Design award at the 2012 New Zealand Film Awards.  The Devil’s Rock pre-sold to UK distributor Metrodome , sold the North American rights to eOne at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival for a US$ six figure sum, received a theatrical release in both the UK and New Zealand and has since sold to over 30 territories including Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and South America.

Paul studied Technical Illustration at the Arts University, Bournemouth, then began his career as a freelance illustrator working in the advertising and publishing industry in the UK, repped by Folio Artists and creating artwork for novels by best selling authors such as Ben Elton, Wilbur Smith and Tim Powers.

In 2000 he completed a Masters Degree in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University and landed his first job in the film industry at Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand working on the visual effects for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  He has since worked in San Francisco, London and back in New Zealand on films such as Constantine, Sin City, The Chronicles of Narnia and recently Captain America: Civil War, and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.   He has taught as a guest lecturer and speaker at Bournemouth University and the Arts University Bournemouth, and acts as mentor to teams competing in the BFX Festival competition.

Paul’s multi-award winning short films have screened at almost every major genre film festival worldwide.  His first short film Night of the Hell Hamsters, a cautionary and bloody black comedy about the dangers of mixing the occult with small furry family pets, opened on the festival circuit in 2006 to rave reviews.  The film has played at over 50 film festivals around the world, is now listed on several cult film databases and is still requested by festival programmers 10 years on.

His second film, Eel Girl, is provocative science-fiction/horror short, featuring special makeup effects by Weta Workshop.  Eel Girl won 17 awards and 7 nominations, including the Grand Prix at the Court Metrange Film Festival, France, 2nd place in the Best Short Film Award at the 2008 Rushes Soho Shorts.

Paul recently released his third short film The Naughty List, based on a short story by 2014 Grandmaster of Horror Brian Keene.  He is currently in development on feature film adaptations of Brian Keene’s novels Dark Hollow and Kill Whitey, Paul Finch’s The Freeze, and is developing two more short films: The Librarian, based on a short story by US author Josh Viola, and Back in Business, by UK script writer Barri Costello.